We Individualize Learning
At Ner Tamid, we recognize that each child learns at their own unique approach, pace, and style. Our teachers will work with each child to set goals and objectives according to their varying abilities and learning styles and guide each student to reach his or her potential. Evaluation and record-keeping will be ongoing throughout the learning process. Each child will be evaluated individually in terms of his or her own growth and development as well as according to developmentally appropriate goals and objectives. To allow children to reach their full potential, we give them the opportunity to interact in large and small groups not only within their grade but also in mixed-age groups.

We Instill an Appreciation of Jewish Heritage
We are guided by the Torah and the teachings of Judaism in both our learning and behavior. In our dealings with children, parents, and each other, we use our Jewish heritage as our model. We show the children that being Jewish is exciting and meaningful through observing rituals, doing mitzvot, studying Torah, having proficiency in Hebrew, and loving Israel. Jewish holidays will come alive with special events throughout the year, from school-wide Shabbat dinners to model seders. Being Jewish couldn’t be more fun or rewarding.

We Offer an Integrated Curriculum
Ner Tamid will use a uniquely integrated approach to general studies and Jewish learning. Rather than divide the school day into separate segments for these areas of study, we incorporate Jewish education into secular education. Our teachers are well versed in both general studies and Jewish learning. Therefore, they can incorporate Jewish precepts, rituals, language, literature, and history into the normal school day. In certain subjects, curriculum is specifically designed to provide education in Jewish topics while working on the skills necessary for all areas of study. Hebrew language will be taught by specially trained teachers. The children will learn modern as well as Biblical Hebrew. Hebrew teachers will also incorporate general skills into their lessons.