<br /> <a href="http://www.nertamidschool.org">Ner Tamid</a> Community Day School | A new Jewish Day School for Boston’s South Area focused on individualized learning and pluralism. Founded by parents, teachers and friends of SASSDS/KSA.

Ner Tamid Community Day School

Why Choose Ner Tamid?

South Area families need a local Jewish day school that:

  • - reflects our community values
  • - is geographically accessible by our community
  • - is affordable to our community
  • - is global in scope

Ner Tamid offers more than an educational vision. We know that educators can only succeed in environments with the right operational infrastructure and support. We are a robust team with expertise in nonprofit administration, institutional development, technology, community outreach, finance and marketing, as well as curriculum design, individualized learning, 21st Century skills, Judaics and Hebrew.

Your support can ensure Ner Tamid Community Day School has a bright future.

Shining the Spotlight on Ner Tamid

The Schechter Day School Network is shining the spotlight on Ner Tamid Community Day School.

Shining the “Schechter Spotlight” – Volume 1